Tuesday, June 7

Where the Knell are you?

Hello oh family of mine--
Are you out there? Did you notice that we left town? Abraham and Scott, you're off the hook, we've heard from you, but the rest of you. . .Rebecca, school's out--are you going to re-up in the fall? How's that grandbaby? Send photos, Roger thanks for Josh's letters, how are the rest of your kids? Andrea, we both have fast internet, send me a movie, did you know Zina stopped by? Lydia, great to talk to you, send me Caitlin's movie--the one in your email wasn't it, I need the file that ends in AVI--you'll have to shrink it first, ask Nels how to do it. Tell Warner to start a blog, Emma--what's new? Are you working from home? How are the kids? I met someone in Suffolk who said her mom is in your ward--her last name is Smith, Todd-how's the bookstore? Have your kids said anything funny lately? Are you getting excited to come to London? (Bring Ramen in your suitcase, the food here is beyond expensive, it's out of control) Mary, when's that baby coming? What will you name her? It would sure be fun if we could lure everyone into commenting on this blog, then we'd both know what everyone's up to--It could be knell's knews all over again.
How are mom and dad? If they are at your house and you have fast internet maybe you could go to magleby.com and show them some pictures or read them some news--not this grumpy post, but if I ever manage a fun one--truth is, we're all a little homesick. Who'd a thunk it? It's very different when we don't travel all the time--in the past we haven't had any time to do anything except repack and try not to get pick-pocketed, but here, we have a lot more free time, which is good, but we use it to check and re-check email and blogs for any speck of news from anywhere and there's not much out there--thus my desperate plea--Somebody write something! Anything! We say uncle, we're not proud (well, actually, we are. . .But that tells you how bad it is) just seeing your name would do wonders. . .
So there you have it--I love you all, I miss you all and I want to hear from you all and your spouses, kids, grandkids, neighbors, visiting teachers, old flames, whatever it takes to get some news over here.


At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 4:39:00 PM, Blogger Julie said...

My brilliant plan worked--I have now heard from Rebecca, Kari, Emily, Mary and Abe. Thanks guys, you made my day. And Paul, Jana and Tammy thanks to you too. . .


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